Your baby is now sitting up!


Time has flown past, and your tiny baby has grown into an independent little soul who can now sit up unaided! The time this occurs does vary baby to baby, but typically around 6-9 months of age.

Sitter Sessions with Carly, experienced baby photographer in Ipswich, celebrate this achievement, and are focused on their expressions and capturing their emerging personality. It’s a lovely stage to capture before they start walking.


First send me a message to check my availability for your date. I book in Sitter sessions for when baby is sitting unaided, or for an age that you anticipate that they will be siting e.g. 6-9 months.

Approximately 1-2 weeks after your session, you will be invited back to the Studio to choose your image Collection, which start from £125. Contact me to request a full Pricing Brochure by completing the form below.


We loved our Sitter shoot with Carly, it was a lovely way to add to our walls with some new images and now he is smiling and giggling we also have some really lovely ones of him doing that! Thank you so very much.



Up to an hour in the studio capturing your little one naturally (lying on rugs, on front) and some images in cute baskets or props as suitable.

Specially made photography outfits are provided, but you can bring along your own choice as well. We can do a couple of outfit changes for variety.

Your little one will enjoy playing with my beautiful wooden toys, which also look lovely in the photos.

The aim of the shoot is that it is FUN for them, so we will start off with playing and see where we go from there. As always, my sessions are entirely baby-led.

Sitter sessions are meant for babies who are able to sit up totally unaided. When they reach this point varies from baby to baby, but generally around 6-9 months they can do this. 

Sitter sessions must take place before baby starts walking or they won’t want to sit still for these photos!

Sitter sessions are just for baby so are designed as a small setup. If you’d like to be in the photos too, or include siblings, please book a Family session. 

You don’t need to bring anything with you as I have lots of little outfits here. They are specially made outfits for photography, and I trust that they will photograph well for a perfect end result.

If you would like to bring a special outfit or any toys etc that is of course absolutely fine.

Some babies won’t need the full hour – they come in happy and ready to start taking photos straight away. This is often the case, and we are done within 30 minutes.

Other babies, especially since the pandemic, need a little longer to get used to their new surroundings so just incase they do, I allow over the time generally anticipated.

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Send me a message to get your Sitter session booked in!

We will book your little one in for when they are sitting up (or you anticipate they will be). Or we can opt for some cute laying down photos, it’s totally up to you!