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DIY Newborn Photo Shoot Ipswich

It's breaking my heart how many beautiful babies are missing out on their tiny photos due to corona virus. I've had mums crying on the phone, and such sad messages. It makes me so sad! Of course, photography isn't classed as an essential…
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Give your Mum the perfect gift this Mother's Day

Mother's Day will soon be here, Sunday 22nd March, and there are a few people who are still wondering what to buy the most important person in their lives. Flowers wilt, chocolate will be eaten... What lasts forever? Photos. Photos last forever…
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Your Photoshoot and COVID-19 - Reassurance Statement

We are all worried about Covid-19 (otherwise known as the Coronavirus) and the uncertainty it brings. I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you of the steps I already take, and any further steps I am taking to keep us all safe at…
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Ideas for February Half Term Ipswich

Things to do with the kids this February half term Baylham Park Farm Baylham opens its doors for the 2020 season from TODAY, so depending on the weather it may be a good choice for the half term.They are open Tuesdays…
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Why hello there, 2020

Wow, how is it 2020 already? And the month that never seems to end, January, is upon us. As always, the New Year brings a time for reflection and plans to make the most of the upcoming months. Little Violet Photography has now entered…
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Things to do this Halloween in Suffolk

Autumn is my favourite season, bringing with it Halloween at the end of October. I thought I would write a post sharing things to do around Suffolk that I have found online! Scaresville EAST ANGLIA’S PREMIER AWARD WINNING SCARE…
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Newborn baby photoshoot - why it can take 4 hours

You have probably come to my website and then gone straight to my pricing (hopefully you viewed my work at the same time) and wondered why Newborn shoots say '2-4 hour session'. Let me explain why photographing your newborn baby can sometimes…
Professional Mounted Prints

Digital Images vs Prints.. What's the difference? Ipswich Photographer

I am sometimes asked what the difference is between digital images and prints, so allow me to explain as best as I can! Prints A print is an image printed on photographic paper, a digital image now, but in the times before digital,…
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Breastfeeding Photo Shoots in Ipswich Suffolk

Breastfeeding is something very close to my heart, literally. Having fed my daughter for an extended amount of time, I am a strong advocate for the benefits of breastfeeding for both baby and mum. It wasn't easy for me at the start. Believe…