Breastfeeding Photo Shoots in Ipswich Suffolk

Breastfeeding is something very close to my heart, literally. Having fed my daughter for an extended amount of time, I am a strong advocate for the benefits of breastfeeding for both baby and mum. It wasn’t easy for me at the start. Believe me. With my first child I just couldn’t ‘get it’. The midwife just shoved my son on my nipple and I just let her without any clue what to do from there on when he wriggled and struggled, and my nipples became cracked and sore.

My son was born weighing 11lb! We didn’t have a clue he would be so big, so none of the clothes we brought into the hospital fitted him properly.

My son was born via forceps so his mouth and face were very swollen, which no doubt attributed to our issues early on with latch and feeding. I had a lovely midwife who came out to me at home and reassured and encouraged me to keep trying. With this help I managed to achieve around three months breastfeeding alongside formula. I was not confident that my body alone could support my 11lb newborn so also gave him formula.

ipswich breastfeeding portrait photo shoots 001
Me and my boy shortly after he was born

Looking back, I can see how silly that sounds. My body alone was responsible for supporting and growing my newborn whilst in my womb, so why would my body not be able to support him when out? Of course my body would have been able to, if the latch was correct, but I had no idea how to fix it, and tiredness overwhelmed me and he ended up on formula completely.

Sorry, this is turning into a bit of a long one, but as you can now tell I do feel really strongly about breastfeeding and the fact that I was able to feed my daughter, despite tongue tie early on (which is probably what my son had) for over two years. It is a big achievement for me, and I am proud of it.

My little girl was thankfully a smaller birth weight at 9lb 8oz!

Inspired by World Breastfeeding Week back in August, I decided to offer Breastfeeding Portraits to Ipswich mums! I had a HUGE response, with ladies coming from Essex and Norfolk as well as Suffolk, to be photographed.

I will be sure to run this type of portrait session again as it was so popular and I really enjoyed giving mums such beautiful memories. After all, we can’t trust dads to take nice photos of us can we?!!


Photo credit ‘Momma Said’ – because it’s so damn accurate!

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