How it works

Thank you for your interest in a photo session with Ipswich  Newborn Photographer Little Violet Photography. I am so pleased you have come over to find out more about the experience.

You are probably reading this as you are expecting (congratulations!) and considering investing in a Newborn photo shoot. You will want to know what I offer and why you should choose Little Violet Photography to take your little one’s first photos.


precious newborn baby on white background

Everyone says time flies, and that is especially true once you’ve had a baby. Believe me, I know. I am a mum of two who are now 10 and 5, and it seems like only yesterday that I was deciding on their names and the best brand of nappies for them! Now they are both at school, and my son will be starting High School next year. So yes, time certainly goes quicker once you become a parent.

Time being of the essence means you will come into the studio for your baby’s first photos when they are under 3 weeks old, ideally between 3-15 days. This is because they are naturally still very sleepy, and will go into the curled up cute poses we all coo over as it reminds them of the safety and warmth of the womb.

Your session lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, and during this time you can relax with a cuppa and watch me soothe and pose your little one. Some parents even take a nap in the cosiness of my studio.

Everything we need for the session is at my studio, which is at my home address and perfectly private. I have almost every colour fabric you can imagine, along with some beautiful handmade wooden props to ensure your images are unique and tailored to your tastes.

After 2-3 weeks you return to the studio and watch your gallery on an HD slideshow, set to music. You will be surprised how much they have changed in that time!

Newborn Photography is a special photo session, one that cannot be replicated or done again at a later date. They really are only that tiny for a brief time, so it is important to choose a photographer with experience who can capture all those details for you properly. Little Violet Photography has many years of experience and is also fully insured and safety trained, so your precious baby is in very safe hands.


So glad that we chose Carly to take Amelia’s first photos. She was professional and friendly from the start, and made sure we were all comfortable throughout the shoot.

The photos are superb and make me tear up each time I look at them. Which I can’t stop doing!

Will be coming back again for a Cake Smash!




newborn photographer ipswich newborn baby photos ipswich suffolk 0112

Up to 4 hours studio time

Viewing Appointment

Full use of props, outfits and fabrics

Parent & sibling shots

Five high resolution digital downloads

Matching 7 x 5 prints



newborn photographer ipswich newborn baby photos ipswich suffolk 0102
Most popular

Up to 4 hours studio time

Viewing Appointment

Full use of props, outfits and fabrics

Parent & sibling shots

Ten high resolution digital downloads

Matching 7 x 5 prints



newborn photographer ipswich newborn baby photos ipswich suffolk 066

Up to 4 hours studio time

Viewing Appointment

Full use of props, outfits and fabrics

Parent & sibling shots

20+ high resolution digital downloads

Matching 7 x 5 prints

£50 Wall Art or Album credit



beautiful newborn baby girl canvas
Digital collections at Little Violet Photography


Five 10 x 8 prints £100

Memory Box with Ten 10 x 8 prints



Fine Art Canvas from £250

Storyteller Frame from £350

Canvas Tray Frame from £300

Acrylic Orb from £200


Fine Art Album with USB 8 x 8


Albums have a textile cover in a colour of your choice and are personalised. They come complete with a matching box. All your images are included in the album.


Perfect photos, very friendly lady who was great at putting me and my husband James at ease. We initially didn’t want photos of us with Jaxon but after she suggested we do it I am so glad we did as I love the photos. They are black and white and so beautiful.



As early as possible! Once you have chosen me as your photographer, please do message me as soon as possible to book in.

I do get booked up months in advance, so to avoid any disappointment I’d get your session in my diary as soon after your 12 week scan as you can.

You don’t need to bring anything for baby aside from their changing bag and some extra milk.

All the clothing, fabrics and props we need are here at the studio.

Feel free to bring along any special items if you want e.g. name plaque or small teddy, and I will try to include them in your images.

I will send you over my Newborn Preparation Guide once you are booked in, and this answers many questions.

I will guide you on your choices, and this is all covered in your Newborn Preparation Guide which you will receive after booking.

My turnaround time is normally 2-3 weeks as I hand edit every single image before presenting your gallery to you. Sometimes it may be a little longer in busy periods like the school holidays, Christmas etc but I will let you know if this is the case.

Babies do cry sometimes as they have no other way to communicate with us. If they do, then we stop and settle them before resuming the session.

Sometimes newborns may make a whimper or small cry when they are being moved from one position to another, and usually they settle down again before waking up.

In the unlikely event that your baby is very unsettled for whatever reason, then we will stop the session and reschedule. Your baby’s comfort and well being is my top priority at all times, so if we need to stop then we stop.

Don’t worry, your session may not take the full 4 hours, sometimes we are done in 2 hours, but some babies settle easier than others.

The time given allows for any soothing, feeding or changes your baby may need.

I pencil your due date into my diary, and we only confirm a time and date once they have arrived.

I allow flexibility in my diary for if baby if early or late, so sometimes I have spaces for last minute bookings.

Just let me know once baby has arrived and I will schedule your session for a weekday morning (weekends are possible if you want older siblings photographed) for when baby is between 5-15 days old.

newborn photographer ipswich newborn baby photos ipswich suffolk 0108

It doesn’t matter if you are unsure at this stage as you only need to decide on the  images you want to keep when you see them at your Viewing Appointment.

I am also happy to do payment plans on the middle and largest Collections so you can split the cost into three instalments. I know how expensive having a new baby is, but don’t want you to miss out on these precious images.

Yes I will handle your baby throughout the session. This is for a couple of reasons. The first being that it’s important for me to build up a bond with your little one, so that they are happy for me to hold and pose them. Passing them back and forth to you only serves to break this bond, and it may cause baby to become unsettled. The other is for safety reasons. 

I will feed your baby if they are bottle fed, change a nappy if needed and also change their outfits/wraps etc. Sometimes I will ask for your help if I need to grab something out of reach or if baby needs to go back to you as they are breastfed.

If I need to get up and move away from your baby, I will ask you to act as a ‘spotter’. This means you stay close to baby but not touch them, until I return.  The reason I ask you not to touch baby at this stage is incase they wake up. Sometimes when baby smells mum’s milk it causes them to grizzle, so it’s best that you just stay close enough for safety reasons, and refrain from touching them just at this time. I know it can be hard to resist as they will look so cute, but it just prolongs the shoot if I need to resettle them.

It’s still worth sending me a message if baby has arrived and you haven’t already booked in. Sometimes I can squeeze you in if I have had other babies arrive earlier or later than expected.

Pop me a message and we can have a chat.


Send us a message to get your Newborn Session booked in. It’s best to book as soon after your 12 week scan as you can as I do tend to get booked up well in advance, and hate turning parents away as I don’t have space.

I reserve your due date in my diary, and we confirm a date and time once little one has arrived.

£75 secures your space and is deducted from your final order.