Keeping Cool in the Summer When Pregnant Ipswich

I can’t remember a hotter summer than this one, the summer of 2018! Whilst many people may be enjoying the balmy days and nights, others are looking forward to it getting cooler. Pregnant ladies will most definitely be in the latter category!

When you are pregnant, your body temperature is already hotter than normal, so this combined with the heat can be really difficult to deal with.

How can I stay cool inside?

You may want to stay inside to avoid the heat. Fans and air conditioning are great ways to reduce the temperature (or a frozen water bottle in front of a fan for a DIY air con unit!) but make sure you reduce your temperature gradually, so no jumping in icy baths!

A cool or lukewarm bath or shower can give some temporary relief. Again, resist the urge to make the water too cool. If you reduce your body temperature too quickly you will cause shivering, which makes your temperature go up again and defeats the whole purpose.

Keep blinds and curtains closed (but windows open) to help prevent some heat entering the room.

It is really important to drink plenty of fluids. If nausea is getting the better of you, sucking on ice lollies or ice cubes may help.

But I have to go out…!

The reality is you will still have to venture out, especially if you have other kids and are still working. So here’s some ways to beat the heat when outside.

I am going to repeat myself here but DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! It is so, so important as pregnant ladies get dehydrated really easily. I remember I had gastroenteritis when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I had to keep forcing little sips of water down even though I didn’t want them. Sucking on ice cubes is also helpful (unless you have really sensitive teeth… ouch).

Try and plan activities for first thing in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler. When you are out take a parasol for some shade, or a big floppy hat.

Try a WATER SPRAY when out and about. A fine mist of water is really refreshing, especially on your neck and chest.

Stick to clothes with natural fibres like cotton or linen, and flowy dresses or skirts and long sleeved tops. This helps to keep air circulating and prevents any rubbing/sweat.

Don’t forget sun lotion!

I really hope my tips have helped somewhat. I know how difficult it is when it is hot and you are heavily pregnant.

At your maternity photo shoot, you will be pleased to know I have a large fan on blasting cool air out. This serves the purpose of cooling everyone down and also a lovely air flow through your hair.

I provide cool refreshments as well and we can stop for a break at any time. Your comfort is my priority.

Stay cool, and best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy x

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