wall art to purchase at little violet photography ipswich

I am in the process of creating a lovely display of samples of the wall art you can purchase from me in my studio. They demonstrate how gorgeous it is to have your images on the wall rather than tucked away in a drawer on your USB.

Eventually the frame with polaroid photos in the middle will go, to be replaced by an acrylic orb and a birch sphere. These are available to purchase from me in a variety of sizes.

ipswich photographer little violet photography studio
The Studio is a warm and welcoming environment

This beautiful 20 x 16 canvas tray frame features one of my favourite baby images at the moment. It is incredible quality, crafted to a high standard and available in a selection of different frame colours to compliment your image. The bigger the better to create impact. I will be getting an even bigger one for my house!

wall art to purchase at little violet photography ipswich
20 x 16 Framed Canvas sample at the Studio

If you are finding it hard to decide on one image to frame, you can choose several favourites and put them together in one of my multi-aperture frames. You can choose a variety of different layouts for your images, and it comes in a selection of different colours. This is a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion and is ideal for nurseries and anywhere really!

I am really looking forward to adding to my sample collection. The difficulty is choosing which beautiful images to put on them!

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