Are you thinking about booking a pregnancy photo shoot?

You may like the idea of a photoshoot to capture your bump, but are a little unsure of what’s involved.

Allow me to give you a little insight into a typical maternity photoshoot with Ipswich photographer Little Violet Photography.

The beginning

Your session will take place when your bump is nice and round, and you are still feeling fairly comfortable. This generally is around 30-36 weeks, but depends on mama. Some ladies come to me for a last minute booking at 37 weeks! I will always try and fit you in if I can, as I know how important these photos are to you.

Once you arrive, I will guide you down to the studio in my garden. There are a few steps so sensible footwear is a must (you will take off your foot wear for the shoot anyway, so leave the heels at home!).

My Studio will be comfortably warm/cool depending on the weather. I can quickly warm it up if you are chilly, but if you are anything like me when pregnant, I was permanently hot! Please let me know if you want me to adjust the temperature at any point.

Once you are sitting down, with a cuppa or cool drink, we can discuss what will happen next and your aims for the shoot. You will have already told me on booking what kind of colours you like or whether you want an implied nude shoot (I send out a questionnaire after booking to get this information). But this can be changed or altered once you see my range of dresses. Practically everyone wants my teal tulle dress, but I also have other colours and styles. There is plenty of time for a variety of dresses to be worn at your shoot.

Your pregnancy journey

Every woman’s pregnancy journey is different, indeed every pregnancy is different. So I am there to make sure you are as comfortable as possible (I remember the aches and pains, believe me!) and we will only try poses you are happy with. If you are suffering from pelvic pain you may not be able to lay down on the floor for some poses, but there are loads of other poses we can try, so don’t worry!

I would LOVE to include your partner and baby’s sibling’s if you want to! As you can see, we get some very special images this way.

After your shoot

After your shoot you will of course be very excited to see your final images. I will email you to let you know when your gallery is ready approximately 1-2 weeks after your shoot.

You will come back to the Studio for your Viewing & Ordering session. This is always an amazing experience, filled with emotion, as you watch your photos set to music in a slideshow, and then up close on a TV screen.

I am on hand to guide and help you with your decision but I never do any hard selling. I want you to be pleased with your photos and the final result. You may struggle to envision them in your house, so I am there with handy guides to help plan how your images will look in your home.