Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 virus, I have had to make some changes to the way I work. These are outlined below.


If you or any members of your family feel unwell, or have been ill within 7 days prior to your photo shoot, you must contact me to reschedule the session. This includes symptoms of Covid-19, or any cold/sickness bug. I have a young family and work with newborns, so cannot take any risks to my health, or to that of my family and other clients.


Normally I will greet you at my front door and you would come through my house, outside to the studio. Changes to this are that you now enter through the back gate, directly through my garden.

I will be wearing a mask throughout the session, and regularly hand sanitising. I ask that you do the same.

Adults and older children – please come ready dressed in the clothes you want to wear to have your photos taken. This also means hair/makeup already applied if applicable. I do have some outfits for younger children, but please let me know if you have any colour preferences before your shoot so I can be sure to have them out and ready sanitised for you.

Unfortunately I do not have any toilet facilities in my studio, and currently cannot allow you into my home due to the guidelines. Please do use the toilet before you come. If you want to bring along a potty for an older child, this is absolutely fine.

Please supervise children at all times when in the studio. Please do not let children touch things unless in use for the shoot.

Normally I offer hot and cold drinks, but currently I am not allowed to do this, so please bring your own drinks and snacks. Please do not bring any hot food as this can cause smells to linger in the studio.



Normally I offer an ‘in-person’ viewing where you return to the studio and watch your images set to music, on an HD video, before looking through them individually. Due to trying to reduce footfall in the studio, I have made the decision to use online galleries for the foreseeable future. These are private, and password protected. If you would like, I can arrange a Zoom or Skype call to you when you see your images, to answer any questions or help with your decision. Please let me know if you want to do this and I will book you in.

If you are on my old pricing (session fee plus collection) then you will most probably receive your digital images via WeTransfer, which sends your high resolution images to you directly. Prints and wall art will need to be collected socially distanced or posted for an extra fee. Please note I do not post wall art.

If you are on my new pricing (all inclusive collections) then your USB/Prints/Wall Art can be either posted or socially distance collected (wall art must be collected).

As usual, you can expect your gallery to be delivered to you within 2-3 weeks.



1. Please only bring with you the family members who will be photographed.

2. Ring house doorbell on arrival (this is regularly sanitised) and stand back away from gate for me to let you in, whilst keeping a safe distance from each other.

3. The studio is in my garden, so please wear sensible footwear and be aware of the steps.

4. Come ready dressed in your clothes to be photographed.

5. Shoes to be put in designated purple box immediately on arrival.

6. Hand sanitiser to be used on arrival, throughout as needed and on leaving.

7. I will be wearing a mask throughout, and ask you to do so when not being photographed. This rule does not apply to young children or babies.

8. The session will be around an hour, but may be less if we get the images we want before then.

9.  The seats, door handles, floor and all surfaces are disinfected before and after your session.

10. Sessions are only one per day, and at least 24 hours left between all sessions.

12. Props and fabrics are thoroughly disinfected and used on a rotation basis.

13. No toilet facilities or refreshments provided. I am so sorry!

14. It should go without saying, but sessions will only take place if you are all symptom free. You will be asked to leave and reschedule if anyone arrives ill (this is my usual rule anyway)


As ever, if you have any questions at all, please message me at