For all the things my hands have held the best by far is you

Your Newborn photography session ideally takes place when baby is between 5 days to 3 weeks old to ensure those sought after sleepy, curled up poses. If baby is older, message me, as we can still do the shoot. I will never turn a baby away for being ‘too old’!

The longer session time allows for feeding, changing and soothing as baby demands. It is entirely baby-led and we go at their pace. Every baby is different, no two shoots are the same.

At a time when the days and nights pass by in an emotional blur, you can be sure to remember all your baby’s tiny details every time you look back on your photos. This is how important professional photos are, they are an heirloom and an investment in your family’s future.

I always recommend you book from your 20-week scan, or earlier, to guarantee I have a space in my diary to capture your precious little love’s first photo shoot.

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As brand new parents we were a little nervous, but Carly couldn’t have been more patient and reassuring. Her studio is so welcoming, and we immediately felt at ease

– Maria, Ipswich mum

If you like the sound of a Newborn Session at Little Violet Photography, please read on for my Collection prices and then contact me for availability.



2-4 hour photo shoot

Full use of my collection of props & outfits

Parent & sibling shots included

5 digital images by direct download



2-4 hour photo shoot

Full use of my collection of props & outfits

Parent & sibling shots included

15 digital images on USB Stick

Three 7 x 5 prints

Two 10 x 8 prints



2-4 hour photo shoot

Full use of my collection of props & outfits

Parent & sibling shots included

All digital images on USB Stick

16 x 12 Fine Art Canvas

£50 off a Baby or Cake Smash shoot


Book in before 31st January to lock in 2019 prices

Carly has a beautiful studio which is very comfortable and relaxing. She was so patient with my fidgety baby and we now have some stunning photos to remember these early stages of her life

– Alice, Colchester mum

It is £50 to book your photo session with Little Violet Photography. This is redeemable against your chosen Collection.

You will choose your Collection either at booking or at your View and Ordering Appointment.

To show off your beautiful images, I offer a great range of ready-to-hang Wall Products, Gifts and Albums.

Take a look here for examples of my bespoke Wall Art and Gifts, and for further information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to book my session?

I require £50 Booking Fee to book your session. This secures your place in my diary and non-refundable. It is redeemable against your chosen Collection.

How long will the session take?

I allow 4 hours for Newborn sessions. This may seem a long time, but often the first hour is spent feeding, soothing and settling baby into a nice deep sleep.

Most sessions take between 2-3 hours. We go at baby’s pace, and if they want a feed we stop for a feed.

I am fully trained in Newborn posing and safety and am experienced in handling your precious baby. Your special little bundle is in safe hands with me.

My cosy studio is heated to a temperature designed for baby’s requirements, and it will be HOT. Remember, baby has just come from a hot place so it is comfortable for them, and they will be undressed for some of the shots so it’s important they are kept warm. I always advise layers for my parents as it does get very warm.

How much do the photographs cost?

Little Violet Photography prides itself on having fully transparent pricing. The cost of the Collections available are all detailed above.

After your session you will be invited back to the Studio to choose your Collection. If you already know which Collection you would like, you can purchase this upfront.

Due to the amount of time in processing, design and development invested in your session and images to create your gallery, there is a minimum spend of £199 for Newborn Collections.

Do you sell Wall Art? Canvas and Frames?

Yes! I love to see my images in print, and better still when they are large and on a wall. It is so sad to hear from Clients who have loads of USB’s shoved in a drawer, with images they have never got around to printing.

By purchasing from my collection of Wall Art, Albums and Gifts, you are assured professional quality, plus your Wall Art is ready to hang, your Albums ready to treasure and your Gifts ready to give!

If you would like to find out more about the beautiful products I sell, please visit my Product Pricing page.

My baby is over 3 weeks old!

So, under 3 weeks old is the preferable time to photograph little ones. This is due to them being naturally easier to curl into poses, as they are so recently out of the womb where they took on these poses naturally. They are also a lot sleepier a this age, and sleep is desirable in newborn photography.

As baby gets older they are more alert, their limbs are strengthening and they can start to be affected by things like colic, causing them to become unsettled, or baby acne.

However we can get some lovely awake shots on the beanbag, and of course we will still be able to get parent and sibling shots. They should still be happy to be wrapped, so we just may not get the nude poses.

There are plenty of options for older newborns, so send me a message to discuss and I will see if I can fit you in.

What if my baby won’t settle?

I aim to photograph babies at around 5-15 days. At this stage they are fresh from the womb; sleepy and curled up and generally quite happy babies. If you have followed my Preparation Guide (sent when booking in) then you will be the best prepared you can be.

However, on occasion your baby could be unsettled at their shoot. They may have colic, they may be hungry, they may just be grouchy that day. The session will proceed as normal to get baby to settle, but if I feel baby is just not able to settle that day then I will offer to reschedule. I will never force a baby to do anything, and if we need to attempt the session on another day then so be it. Please don’t worry.

Another point, baby will poo or pee or both on my props/me/you etc. Don’t worry. It’s normal and expected. I will take care of it after the shoot.

My baby has spots!

I am happy to edit out the odd spot/flakey skin etc as it’s all part and parcel of being a newborn photographer!

I am able to edit out baby acne/severe redness, but if possible (depending on baby’s age), it may be best to wait a few days for it to clear. Baby acne tends to clear on its own and can be a factor when photographing older newborns.

Do I handle baby or do you?

At the beginning of the session I will ask you to give me your little bundle, and from then on, I will take over the handling and posing of them. Baby will only go back to you if you are breastfeeding and they need a top up, or nappy change.

I will handle your baby like my own, with plenty of love and care. I will guide them into a deep sleep and then begin the session.

I may ask for your help ‘spotting’ if baby is in props. This means being next to baby with a finger or hand on them. I then edit you out afterwards. This is all to do with safety. Please let me know if you are uncomfortable to do this. If I am moving away from baby I will ask you to stay close, but please do not touch them unless needed as it may make them flinch or become unsettled when in the pose.

I have undergone extensive training in the safe posing of your baby, so you can relax knowing I will take care of your little one whilst they are with me.

Ready to book your Newborn Session?

Simply click on the ‘BOOK NOW’ button under your favourite Collection to be taken to my booking page. It is quick and easy to reserve your space.

If you have any questions ahead of booking, please send me a message using the form below.

I can’t wait to meet you and your family!